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Battle By battle – Aaron Lennon vs. James Perch

This is the third and final battle which saw Tottenham beat Newcastle 2-0 at White Hart Lane.

I chose this because against as we know, Aaron Lennon’s pace is frightening and I thought it was intriguing to see whether Newcastle’s reserve left-back could handle him, or not?

Aaron Lennon vs. James Perch

James Perch was signed at the beginning of the season after an excellent season for Nottingham Forest and his versatlity would be useful this year in the premier league. He can play across the midfield, most fans are probably more familiar with him playing the holding role but he can also play at left or right back too.

Aaron Lennon has picked up form of late but he tends to drift in and out of games far too much. Was today different? No is the answer, not at all. Perch was untested for most of the game until one telling moment which changed the game.

Lennon came inside with the ball, ran at Perch at lightning pace, he turned in then out and made space for a shot which he blasted into the bottom left corner to break the deadlock. It was a great strike, his confidence rose for the last half hour and so did his teams’.

James Perch looked solid throughout, suffering no problems but that one moment did change the whole outcome of the game and the England international produced it.

My Verdict: Aaron Lennon

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