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Bayern Are As Keen As Hell, But £30M? Wrong Answer – Try Again

Dimitar Berbatov was rumoured to have arrived at Old Trafford beneath a blanket in Sir Alex’s motor. Who knows  if there is a shred of truth in that tale, but what is certain is that despite his slow burn run at Old Trafford, Van Gaal is still very much holding a candle for the Bulgarian.

“I’ve always liked Berbatov,” explained the Dutch tactician ahead of Bayern’s Champions League quarter-final clash with United.

“I wanted to buy him when I was the coach of Ajax and he was at Bayer Leverkusen. There are a lot of goals being conceded by United but they then score three and are through. “I wanted to buy him when I was the coach of Ajax and he was at Bayer Leverkusen.

So would Sir Alex sell? It has got to be a thought. The ex-Spurs man has hardly generated a glowing price/performance ratio in his time at United. And this leads to the other issue – namely what fee would he command?

Like Robbie Keane shortly after him, Tottenham sold at an absolute capacity price and as with both players, the form never truly lived up to the price tags.

Why would Bayern buy? Well rumours persist that Klose may be looking for a move and add to that Sir Alex needs no telling that this season has been a fortunate one in many respects and that his strategy in the next two transfer markets will be vital if United want to retain their superiority.

This story has legs, but it hinges on United on a] United having a replacement on their radar b] them being prepared to take a hit money wise.

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