Benitez Is Back… Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Like many people I was kind of shocked when I heard of the departure of Roberto Di Matteo, but then again not suprised as the Italian became the latest victim of Abramovich’s chopping-board. As Rafa Benitez lines up to replace him, should he be wary? Should Chelsea be wary? Does Benitez even merit the job? 

Now if we’ve have come to expect one thing about Roman Abramovich,  it’s that you don’t come between him and what he wants. He is a ruthless business man who doesn’t care how he gets it only that he does. Roberto Di Matteo knew what he was letting himself in for in taking  the job. I can expect when he won the Champion League last year the conversation went something like this. ‘ Well done here’s your extension… but there is a catch. You’ve done it once, now It’s an expectation’.

Abramovich’s ambition undoubtedly lies with the champions league, so I can understand why he sacked him. However by setting unrealistic targets for the club, is he making it harder for managers to succeed. I don’t know, in one aspect he has made the Chelsea job the most competitive job in the world and with the Riches that are to be had at Chelsea, it is one of the most lucrative. However as a business man more than a football fan,  Abramovich comes across as knowing the price of everything yet the value of nothing.

So here we are again, back to square one and you would have thought he’d learnt his lesson by now. Benitez has been brought in as a last ditch attempt to claw the team back into the Champions League, which will take a miracle, however if Benitez has  shown anything through his managerial career, it’s that miracles can happen.

After being beating Chelsea on  a number occasions, quite notably in the Champions League, i’m not surprised that Chelsea have gone in for him, for now. As Benitez’s says “Facts are facts”, and I think that Abramovich never quite got over the grueling defeats his team suffered on their conquest for European Glory. So who  better to resurrect their hope’s in this seasons competition than by appointing a man that denied them it, albeit years ago.

Chelsea fans should know what to expect from this manager and as a Liverpool fan I can admit that this manager verges from the good, the bad and the ugly. There is no doubt that Rafa is a tactical genius. However sometimes he can come across as too logical, as he delves into statistics, losing connection with reality and subsequently making decision that verge on the insane. That’s if you can’t see a priest on a mountain of sugar.

All in all I think he will be a good stop gab for any manager waiting to take his place. If I was a Chelsea fan I wouldn’t want him staying for too long, he may well do good in the Champions League, but let him anywhere near money and he will find you the next Dossena. I can’t expect him staying to long  if things don’t quite go to plan, the same scenario will happen again were Benitez throws his dummy out the pram, complain that he hasn’t been backed by the owner and get sacked. History tends to repeat itself.

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