Best Value Season Tickets? We Have The Definitive Premier League Figures

The start of the football season is just weeks away and following team GB’s disappointing exit from the Olympics, we’re all desperate to get back to the main business of the Premiership.

Every year from August to May, football fans endure a rollercoaster ride as their teams battle it out for domestic dominance and European glory.

But with the season ticket prices rising year-on-year, experiencing the highs, the lows, the injuries and the penalties doesn’t come cheap. Add to that the cost of a new shirt, a pint at each game and travel, and supporting your team suddenly becomes an expensive business.

This got the good folk at thinking about which team offers the best bang for your buck in terms of the cost per goal an cost per win, based on the price of a season ticket.

After some serious number crunching we reveal which clubs are at the top of their game when it comes to value for money.

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