Brendan Rodgers And The Sad Story Of A Footballing Philosophy

Brendan Rodgers and his free flowing Swansea side gained many an admirer last season, an ultimately the Swan’s successful brand of football paved a path that has lead Rodgers to one of English footballs most high pressured jobs. While football philosophies gain manager’s all manner of praise and no end of superlatives, they often have a way of coming back to bite.

Whether its Big Sam’s tactic of hoofing it up field or Arsene Wenger’s belief that the ball must be walked into the goal a lack of flexibility usually ultimately results in a lack of success, and Rodger’s reign at Liverpool is already threatening to end the same way.

OK so its only one game into the season but the writing in many ways is already on the wall, as Rodgers has already set his stall out that it’ll be his way or the high way. Long before Martin Skrtel was caught dallying on the ball by Shane Long, as he looked longing for a short passing option, there was no shortage of clues that Rodgers would be firmly enforcing the same blueprint he used at Swansea at Anfield.

The problem is that he just doesn’t have players with the necessary abilities. If we start with Skrtel he’s a solid defender but he isn’t a ball playing footballer in the mould of Rio Ferdinand or Ledley King, and Rodgers needs to adapt his playing style to suit his players rather than ask them to do what they can’t.

A further example of Rodgers determination to bring the skill of Swansea to the hallowed turf of Liverpool FC is demonstrated by the captures of Borini and Allen. Both players have previously worked under Rodgers and will be familiar with his formations and expectations, but while this may help the former Swansea manager implement his playing style are they really the signings that are going to bring the glory days back to Anfield?

Borini’s somewhat anonymous debut did at least suggest that Rodgers has adopted the reds attitude to seeking mediocrity in the transfer window and the ages of both Borini and Allen do fit Liverpool’s recent master plan of signing young players. But if there’s one thing the sacking of Kenny Dalglish proved its that Liverpool need success now, and it seems unlikely that Borini and Allen will be dragging Liverpool into a fight for the Champions league places never mind the Championship anytime soon.

In Rodger’s defence you can’t dispute that his time in Wales was a resounding success, but he inherited a squad of players with a high level of technical ability as Roberto Martinez and Paulo Sousa built a squad of players adhering to principals incredibly similar to those held by Rodgers.

Sadly for Rodgers and Liverpool Supporters the same can not be said of the squad Kenny Dalglish expensively assembled, and as Andy Carroll looks as likely to gain a deal with Head & Shoulders as he does a regular place in the Liverpool starting XI it would seem that Rodgers has no plans to adapt his all encompassing philosophy.

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