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Can Tottenham’s Swagger Actually Land Them Premier League?

A lot of talk has been mentioned recently with questions being proposed to the Tottenham boss and players on whether they believe Tottenham have enough steel to actually win this seasons’ Premier League title. If you’re not a Spurs fan, you will probably be laughing at such guff, while some Spurs fans in the back of their mind might actually think this could be the year.

Arsenal fans have been asking me in a bemusing and sarcastic tone ‘why do you think you’re going to win the Premier League this year…your Tottenham, who are you…and all this hoo-hah?’

I have never mentioned such things and if anything I would always play down our chances; yet supporters from other clubs keep persisting to bring up the topic. Maybe they’re the ones who are scared and actually think we can win the title. Personally, as much as I like to believe we can win, it is a bit far fetched and out of our reach if you ask me.

City’s financial power makes them a force to be reckoned with and the abundance of talent at their disposal this season is something that we currently lack. What I do know is that we will finish above Arsenal this year, which can be considered as a trophy in itself.

I, for one, was very disappointed in the lack of new signings in the past two seasons. However it’s not quantity its quality as Harry has proved. Arsenal and Liverpool have spent huge on bringing in new players and apart from Suarez, can either team boast a single player who has had a significant impact on their team.

Not only have we spent self-effacingly, we have spent wisely on significant players for certain areas that Harry knew needed sharpening up in. In Van Der Vaart, Brad Friedel, Scott Parker and Emmanuel Adebayor, Redknapp has spent a total of £13 million. You don’t even need to support Tottenham to see what kind of impact they have had on our team. Harry you genius!

The balance of the team and confidence in each other has brought a different kind of spark to the team. Tottenham are playing with buoyancy and swagger; they all know there roles and are all working for one another; and finally we have inspiring characters on the pitch.

Brad Friedel has been extraordinary, his experience and professionalism has proved dividends and instils confidence to the back four. Emannuel Adebayor, as much as I used to despise the guy has been a breath of fresh air. The only fault you can have on the Togolese striker is that he is not clinical in front of goal.

Rafael has brought a sense of panache and flair to the team with his exquisite vision and passing, while Scotty Parker has been a revelation. He is a general on the pitch and is as gritty as they come. He allows the likes of Bale, Lennon and Modric play with freedom and poise.

The only thing that lets our team down is we only have a first team really-and nearly a perfect team albeit B-A-E. If one or two injuries occur you start to fear for the worse. My starting eleven would be Friedel-Walker-King-Gallas-BAE-Parker-Modric-Bale-VDV-Lennon-Adebayor. I know we have the likes of Sandro, Huddlestone, Defoe, Kaboul and Cudicini as back up if certain players got injured but they are not of the same quality and I do fear that the team would break down and struggle if injures to key players started to crop up.

Defoe told talkSPORT earlier this week:

“The squad we have is unbelievable, we have two teams who are capable of playing in the Premier League.

It doesn’t matter who we play, we believe we can win.”

I love the optimism Jermain, but have to disagree on you with that one. If what Defoe said was true, how come we find ourselves out of both the Carling Cup and Europa League?

If we win our game in hand we will be four points behind table-toppers City. They face a stern test these coming weeks with Chelsea and Arsenal next on the agenda. If certain results go our way this could be the perfect oppurtunity to capitalise on a potential stumble from City.

While we can talk of our unbeaten 11 games we can’t forget City are unbeaten all season and will take some doing to overhaul them.

Redknapp is as honest as they come, and if he believes we can do it, then maybe we just can. Football is a tough and unpredictable game, but in saying that nothing is impossible.

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Article title: Can Tottenham’s Swagger Actually Land Them Premier League?

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