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Cesc Refuses To Commit To Arsenal [video]

This is like that Henry business all over again.

Barca the housewife’s choice, spy a tasty morsal at Arsenal and what with it being a free world, decide to make an offer. Sure. the player is under contract, but we’re not children in these matters. Football contracts are worth marginally less than the staple that holds them together.

Arsenal are morally outraged. Cue poor old Arsene having to stand before the world’s press muttering the same familiar lines. ‘Arsenal are a massive club’, ‘We are refusing to listen to offers’… How many times does Arsene have to say, ‘There’s nothing to see here folks’, before he actually begins to believe it himself?

All of this could be quashed by Cesc Fabregas making one simple, easy to read two line statement.

‘I’m not going to Barca or anyone else. Aside from any contract I’m not leaving.’

Alas, the situation is not so easy. You see, he cannot read such as statement because he very well knows it could be revealed to be a whopping great lie ….and in only a matter of weeks.

Now, before the angry hoards of Arsenal fans stream on here, abusing the comment facilities, all I’m interested is this. Why won’t he just categorically say that he is staying?

That’s all everyone wants to hear. I don’t want Fabregas or any great player to leave the Premiership. It diminishes the league every time a player of this stature goes.

So why is Fabregas happy to behave like Henry did. Just before he too, eventually skipped town?

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Article title: Cesc Refuses To Commit To Arsenal [video]

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