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Toying With The Tims

There simply aren’t enough vitriolic disparagements in the English dictionary to articulate the venom and hostility aimed at Sol Campbell from White Hart Lane. We could be here all day discussing the caustic criticisms and scathing attacks of vengeful and deceived Spurs supporters.

In short, Campbell’s name has become the synonym of Judas at Tottenham – an insult, literally, of biblical proportions.

He’s dealt with the ferocity quite admirably, some would say. So a move North to Scotland, where verbal lambastes are a requisite for conversation, may just suit his lifestyle perfectly.

The Scottish Premier League brochure also boasts several idyllic deserted locations, chiefly around the edge of Celtic’s penalty area whenever they line-up against anyone in the SPL besides Rangers. “Not a single ball or opposing player in sight,” claims the editor. That will have obviously piqued Campbell’s interest after the problems he’s had with trespassers on visits to Wigan et cetera with his current club.

“Scotland is a place where they look after the elder generation,” writes David Weir in a personal experiences section of the pamphlet. “I’m 40-years-old now and I’m still able to play in the Champions League!” Campbell will be ecstatic. Why beaver away at a club like Notts County or futilely attempt to reach inflated expectations at Arsenal when within one season you can glide through Champions League qualifying games with absolutely no expectations whatsoever?

Then of course there is the Scottish weather. Dull, bleak and miserable. Not unlike Sol’s own countenance.

No doubt these aspects were singled out by Celtic interim manager Neil Lennon when the Northern Irishman met with the former Notts County superstar last month. The first impressions obviously left a mark on the Englishman:

“Neil impresses me. He’s come into the job late in the season and that’s never easy. But he’s done fantastically well. He told me he’s looking for me to be a figurehead in the team. He’s made it clear he’s looking for more leaders all over the team.

“Celtic is a serious possibility, but I am also talking to a few other clubs. I’m also giving Arsenal the respect they deserve. If the situation at Arsenal doesn’t resolve itself I know how interested Celtic are. And, yes, I’m seriously considering it.”

Of course, as all Spurs and Notts County fans will know, when Sol Campbell says he is “seriously considering” a contract he may as well be saying “the cream-cheese has paralyzed the elephant, give me gravy.”

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