Chelsea boss could make shock Real Madrid return

mourinho3333Chelsea fans in the Transfer Tavern can’t believe what they’ve heard this afternoon after a spectacular reunion was suggested, that would see them lose a key-part of their squad.

TalkSport state that Blues boss Jose Mourinho could return to Real Madrid if he was to leave Chelsea, despite enduring a difficult spell in the Spanish capital previously that was shrouded in controversy.

The sensational developments come from former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon, who said:

“It’s not a secret that the current Real Madrid president has backed Jose Mourinho many times. He likes him a lot and you cannot rule out seeing him on the bench again at the Bernabeu.”

“I know it seems strange but if Benitez doesn’t have a good season and Mourinho gets sacked by Chelsea, I insist you can’t rule out seeing him here again.”

“I know that the president tried to have him here instead of Benitez but Mourinho said he didn’t want it and and that it wasn’t the right time to come back. But after two or three years I can see him here again. It happened the same with Chelsea, they sacked him but then he came back. In football that is normal.”

“The current president has a lot of interest in Mourinho, he backed him a lot during his time at Madrid is his favourite coach.”

Chelsea fans aren’t convinced this would be the best move for Mourinho, having seen him struggle this year with the Blues.

Should Mourinho be sacked from Chelsea? Will he last the year? Let us know in the comments below!

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