Chelsea Want Torres To Submit ‘Original Transcript’ Of Primera Interview

Chelsea have requested the original transcript of an interview held between Fernando Torres and the Spanish Primera website last week, after the centre-forward was alledly ‘misquoted’ in claiming that the “older” players at the club were “very slow”, and that such a pace had had an impact on the Spaniards fortunes in front of goal thus far.

Torres’ comments came in relation to the change in pace he was said to have noticed since the arrival of Andre Villas-Boas, and the signing of Juan Mata among others were reported to have given him encouragement to think that the ‘slow’ style to Chelsea’s game may be coming to an end.

Torres has insisted he has been ‘misquoted’ by the Spanish website, and AVB remains somewhat confident that this is the case. However, it seems fair to say that, last season especially, Chelsea did not play with electrifying pace, and with the likes of Anelka, Drogba, Lampard, and so on all in their thirties now, it is somewhat expected that the pace to their game will gradually ‘slow’ down.

Whether Torres’ comments were meant to be critical or not remains to be established, but it seems unlikely that a player desperate to earn a place in Chelsea’s starting XI would so openly speak out against his club. Then again, we have seen this before with other players and clubs, and perhaps only the original transcript will clarify things fully.

This evening Chelsea opened their Champions League campaign at home to Bayer Leverkusen, and the extent of Torres’ involvement remains to be determined by Villas-Boas.

The Spaniard started on the bench against Sunderland on the weekend, and the recent on goings in the media may have only damaged his chances of regaining a place in the starting line up even further. In order to find goals with Chelsea, Torres will need minutes on the field, and he will be desperate to clear his name over the allegations and ‘misquotations’ made last week.

Chelsea are set to quiz the forward over the comments made to the Spanish website, and if assurances can be made that a mistranslation has occurred then his chances of starting tonight may be given a boost; for the time being however, El Nino has some convincing to do.

Were Torres’ comments unfair? If he has not been misquoted, should he be punished? Let me know your thoughts either below or @sixthofficial on Twitter!

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