Oscar Should Snub Chelsea …And Join Spurs

He has been described as the new Kaka in Brazil and has caught the attention  of Chelsea and Tottenham and yet we have heard very little of him in England.

At the moment it seems young Brazilian midfielders are in season as Oscar, Lucas Moura and Ganso have all been linked to a move in the Premiership. According to reports in the Mirror, Oscar is most likely to make the journey across the Atlantic with London his main destination.

Right now it is a choice between Spurs and Chelsea for the youngster but of the two who should Oscar sign for?

From what I have seen and read of this man he is very similar to Luka Modric but with a large helping of Brazilian flair. This goal against Argentina in the recent rollercoaster ride of a friendly showed his vision, passing ability, pace and finishing skills to be at the highest level. All qualities are skills that Modric has but the finishing.

Even his weakness is the same, with their physical attributes being highlighted as a problem by the English, what a surprise. Because of this similarity to the nifty Croat, Oscar could do the samba into either first team and blossom under either style.

Obviously Chelsea would be able to offer more financially and due to Tottenham’s recent interest in Joao Moutinho, they may already be waving the white flag and looking for an alternative. Chelsea can also guarantee Champions League football which is what all players desire more than anything except as much money to buy a small dictatorship.

According to the Guardian it seems he is basically a Chelsea player but we all thought that about Gylfi Sigurdsson and Liverpool until AVB stepped in and managed to use his low gravelly voice to tempt him down south.

For me, my head says that he will become a Chelsea player due to Abramovich’s obsession with getting Modric or the 2.0 version and my heart says Tottenham because I believe he could become a big fish in a large pond whereas in Chelsea’s industrial lake he would merely be another large fish surrounded by egos.

He is a natural replacement for Modric at Tottenham just as I think Sigurdsson could be a natural replacement for Van der Vaart, so the natural choice would be White Hart Lane but football has been a superficial game for quite some time now. For that reason I think he will become a Chelsea player.

But imagine for just a minute that footballers join clubs based on the possibility of the legacy they can leave, that money isn’t a factor as they only want enough to get by and that they see a club without trophies as the right club to join because they can be the ones who become remembered as legends by winning those trophies for the first time.

It won’t be easy and at times they’d be treated like idiots by people who think they know better but it would make football a game for men. Not over indulged, over paid pre-madonna’s that brag about how much they earn.

Anyway, now that my rant is over you might have noticed that I would like Oscar to join Spurs as I think he has the talent to do new and wonderful things but due to the ugly financial side of football he will probably join Chelsea. Let’s just hope he isn’t treated like an expensive toy and thrown on the rubbish heap when Roman gets bored of him as he is far too precious and gifted to be brushed aside.

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