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Shocker: Franco Di Santo to Chelsea

Franco Di Santo ranks up there with one of the worst forward signings Chelsea have made, and to this day we are still perplexed that he ever slipped into the blue of Chelsea.

Ah, Di Santo. What a bizarre little moment in time that was. The year 2007 marked a coming together of two bodies that, in reality, should never have really happened. A bit like egg and chicken in the same meal, really.

When mentioned in the same sentence, you might expect something along the lines of, “Wasteful forward Franco Di Santo couldn’t finish his dinner against opposition Chelsea as Blues steamroll Wigan,” but never in a million years did we think we would be seeing “Chelsea have agreed a transfer with Chilean side Audax Italiano for Argentinean forward Franco Di Santo”.

Yes, we hear your cries of “he wasn’t bad yet!” and they are duly noted. But come on…it’s Franco Di Santo. Even before seeing him in person, he just gives off that abysmal vibe. Like you know something isn’t right. ‘Spidey senses’ and all that Jazz (or YouTube highlight reels).

The Argentinian wasted absolutely no time on his mission to become one of the least effective, shockingly wasteful, diabolically poor Chelsea forward. The phrase ‘couldn’t hit a barn door’ springs to mind.

While it looks like we’re throwing out sensational statements for entertainment value (we are a little), a brief look at his overall statistics lends some credence to our vicious slandering.

Di Santo managed a paltry 276 minutes of game time spread over a period of 16 appearances in all competitions, which is bad enough. But when you take into account that he only bagged himself a cool (*checks notes*) zero goals and one assist, you begin to realise just how woeful he was.

And that’s pretty much the end of that.

Chelsea fans, was Di Santo one of your worst ever strikers? Let us know in the comments below…

Shocker: Franco Di Santo to Chelsea
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Article title: Shocker: Franco Di Santo to Chelsea

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