Desperate Publicity Stunt Or Genuine Act Of Contrition?

As you all will know, John Terry made the controversial decision to retire from international football. The Chelsea skipper is said to be upset over the FA’s decision to continue their investigation into last season’s race row despite Terry’s acquittal in court.

Terry has referred to his treatment as a ‘witch hunt’ and is so fed up of the affair that he has decided to retire from international football.

First things first. From a footballing perspective, this is a sad day for English football. Aside from the issues Terry has faced over the past few season, Chelsea’s captain has been a loyal servant for his national side and has performed consistently on the international stage at a high level for years. Luckily England do have talent coming through at the centre-back position, yet despite this losing Terry so suddenly will certainly put a dampener on Roy Hodgson’s plans.

Since his announcement there has been an awful lot of analysis focused on Terry’s decision, however perhaps the most interesting was this piece in the Metro. Massimo Marioni highlights that Terry’s decision simply showed that he didn’t understand the FA’s actions whatsoever and instead of querying them has simply thrown his teddy out.

I completely agree. Not only has Terry turned his back on his country but also he has done it on a completely misconstrued basis. The FA are not trying to prove intent but more that he acted inappropriately, something which the former England captain cannot deny given the evidence against him. Terry has certainly come under a lot of fire in the national team in recent years but it is completely his own doing. By complaining now, Terry is simply showing his immaturity and selfish attitude once again.

For me I think it is a good thing that Terry won’t play in an England shirt. Although he has been a stellar player for the national side he has failed disastrously with regards to being a role model, hugely important in the modern game. Terry has been the pin up boy of selfish footballers who feel they can do anything and say anything without any consequences. Sadly with his retirement, Terry has ceased his England career yet not in the way it should have been ended.

The FA should place any kind of racial abuse accusations under intense scrutiny. However in the case of the Terry and Ferdinand scenario, English football’s governing body should have demonstrated its power a while ago. How you can argue that Terry said what he said without intention is beyond me – even the judge in his trial admitted that his defence was shaky. Yet regardless of the intent, the fact that Terry uttered such foul and racially incensed insults should have only had one result. Terry should not have been allowed to represent his country again.

The fact is the FA has every right to question Terry about what happened during Chelsea’s visit to Loftus Road last season. Terry’s petty decision to quit on his country because of mistreatment suggests that he is not willing to be investigated again. Yet even if he meant no intent, Terry has to accept that he did what he did no matter how bitter a pill it is to swallow.

For many, Terry’s England performances were a shining light in a career that has been dragged through the mire in recent years. Unfortunately now, JT has tarnished that with his decision to quit.

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