Top 10 ugliest Chelsea players of all-time

Debate has broken out at the Transfer Tavern this morning as we look back at Fernando Torres’ performance in the Chelsea game last night and someone claims that Torres is quite the looker and many in the tavern disagree.

Whilst his performances may be awful we think that the striker is not one of the ugliest Chelsea players even in the current squad let alone of all time and whilst the club may not be able to rival Liverpool in the ugly stakes they are certainly guilty of having some less than easy on the eye players over the years.

Clearly whilst money can buy you success it cannot buy you attractiveness then again footballers do not really need their looks given the money and fame they can offer the ladies these days! Here are our picks of the ugliest Chelsea players of all time – and there are some crackers in here!!

Click on Romeu to reveal the top ten ugliest Chelsea players of all-time

Oriol Romeu

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