Chelsea’s Cahill won’t be kept from those Black Friday sales!

Chelsea fans finally have a wry smile on their faces here in the Football Transfer Tavern as they see this viral of Gary Cahill, who it seems was letting nothing stop him from getting to the sales this weekend!

Even being held in a complete body lock from Sunderland defender John O’Shea was not enough to deter the England international – but as some of our punters note, if the ‘hands off in the box’ campaign was worth any merit at all, we think there would have been a couple of sanctions had the officials seen this!

Just in case Cahill still can’t get to those discount stores, he could always borrow Diego Costa to elbow his shopping rivals out of the way!

Have a look for yourselves at Cahill’s determination below!

cahill viral

Chelsea fans. Is this the beginning of a bad run for you or is it a point gained against Sunderland? Let us know your thoughts below.

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