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City Are Talking Themsleves Into A Corner

Never mind the laziness, profound idiocy and ineptitude of the vast majority of English tabloid journalists when it comes to all-things-football – Manchester City’s supposedly PR-safe squad players seem to be doing a fair old job of churning out vague nonsense, too. Only difference is, we expect the hacks to contradict themselves, and it doesn’t matter if they’re wrong because they’re anonymous and it’s not going to affect their paper’s sales or website’s ad- revenue.

There are column-yards of celebrity scandals, desperate z-list boob-flashers, other minor titilations and spreads of vacuous knee-jerk outrage to keep the red-tops and Nazi-rags afloat for centuries. City’s problem is, all that really matters is whether we win or not.

And the way we’ve been desperately trying to blow out the trick candles on the cake has once again diverted our attention. Football. Ignore the idiots. Football. Ignore the idiots. Football. We live in an age where root vegetables can blog. Concentrate on the FOOTBALL.

Okay, it must be infuriating when you’re tasked with building a team to break the status quo and dominate the European club game as soon as possible – only to be surrounded by the journalistic equivalent of pigeons that haven’t been fed for a fortnight. Hard to ignore, but you have to. I’ve found the wholesale, high-profile denial of anything but perfect harmony and collective desire at Eastlands to be both unnecessary and unconvincing, simply because it is the natural reaction of an uncertain outfit – or so the perception goes.

If we lose in Poland tonight (which we may well, folks, but who knows) we also lose a bit more credibility to the most utterly brainless sections of the press, with whom we are darlings of a new age one week, a club in crisis the next. If we’d not given the media acknowledgement of its moronic insights, the ball would still be in their court.

All this, just because Mick’s grafters overturned us, and there was some shouting and gesticulation. PR people at Eastlands – know your enemy. Ignore your enemy. Your enemy thrives on reaction alone. Ignore the idiots. Football. Ignore the idiots. Football. Milner, Adeboyar, Toure, Barry. Combined IQ: 34. Probably nice blokes Brilliant footballers. But if their feet can’t speak for them, best their mouths do not speak at all. Shut up shop and get on with it.

Let the gutter-men guess and get it wrong, because the only people that think they care, don’t – and they don’t matter anyway. It’s like watching the Monty Python witch sketch re-enacted by children, over and over and over. Mancini et al, it’s not your fault the English press is such a twat, and the chundering classes are so gullibleand cheap, so stop reacting. It will only affect your credibility and the side’s results if you do. That’s how it works.

I’ve seen flashes of brilliance, spirit and determination on the pitch this season I haven’t witnessed before. And the pitch is the only place a team really needs to communicate, end of story. I’m happy. My world hasn’t caved in. It’s not likely to, and I’ve no urge to get answers or find scapegoats. Silva, for me, was the shrewdest purchase of the summer. Johnson has been brilliant.

The team is communicating, and if that means bawling at one another, it’s way better than shrugging or staring at the floor. And we’ve yet to see what Balotelli might be, other than a pain in the arse ten times worse than Robinho (just a hunch). It’s all good. I might have said, ‘b*llocks’ once or twice after Wolves, but I’ve done that enough times and both City and I still exist in relative harmony. I still want what it wants, and I’ll cope for a good while longer if the two don’t meet in the middle.

Let’s all grow up a bit and starve the pond-life press till they eat themselves. It wouldn’t take long.

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Article title: City Are Talking Themsleves Into A Corner

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