‘Come on guys get serious’ – Chelsea’s latest announcement has made plenty of fans angry

Plenty of Chelsea fans on Twitter are not very happy after their club made an announcement on their official Twitter page. Of course, many fans are likely hoping for something related to matters on the field. Some are calling for Conte to be fired, some are calling for another manager to come in, and most are just calling for a few players to be signed.

However, what Chelsea have announced today pales in comparison, at least from the perspective of fans. Indeed, the Blues have announced Vitality as their new Official Health Insurance Partner.

Naturally, this isn’t what fans are looking for.

Chelsea were very poor last season, and having finished outside of the top-four, they’ve got a bit of a mountain to climb to stand any chance of making it back into the upper echelons again next season. Teams around them are improving, and the Blues need to do the same.

Clearly, from the fans perspective, announcing a new Official Health Insurance Provider isn’t the best way to go about that. They were looking for another kind of announcement, it seems.

Take a look at what they’ve had to say below…

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