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David Silva

Manchester City often get called a one man team, and as a fan I am not sure that I entirely disagree.  The man however that people say we overly rely on is generally Carlos Tevez, and while he is clearly a fantastic striker I am not convinced he is our most important player, in fact the last 2 City games have confirmed in my mind that he certainly isn’t.

David Silva is the heartbeat at City, when he doesn’t play, the team doesn’t play.  Every side needs a player who does the job that the tiny Spaniard does for the Eastlands club.  He brings the team together and connects the forward players with the rest of the side, he roams, scurries, floats and at times tortures the opposition, some City fans have dubbed him the magician.

On Sunday against Fulham, it became evident just how flat the team are without the Spaniard, there was no cohesion and even though Tevez played there was noone to feed him the ball and create space for him, the team didn’t tick, the heartbeat wasn’t present.  Fast forward to last night and admitedly against a particularly weak Villa side, City were back at their best, and the reason for this for me was down to return of David Silva who had recovered from a niggle.  He pulled the strings, worked the defense and caused havoc, the magic was back.

The player appears to be improving with each game and many sections of the Blues faithful are now comparing him to Georgian genius Georgi Kinkladze, not just because of their style of play being similar but also because of the impact both players have or had on the team.  The Georgian played in a much weaker City side obviously, but it was a time when the league was a lot more physical, but Kinky’s tiny stature did not effect his game and the little genius lit up Maine Road.

To see Silva float around the bowling green surface at Eastlands harks back to those days, obviously Silva plays in a better team but the comparisons are unavoidable.  Kinkladze fell in love with City and never recaptured the form he demonstrated during his time with the blues, unfortunately as City imploded and slid down the leagues the fans favourite had to be sold, but with Silva, hopefully his feelings for the club will one day be the same as the great Georgians and he will go on to be a City legend.

But what about outside of East Manchester? How does he compare to the best the Premiership currently has to offer?  Is he currently the best attacking midfielder in the country? Well maybe not yet, but I think he is definitely up there and has the potential to be in the future.  Well Samir Nasri at Arsenal is having a fantastic season and so far is looking a better player, if you think though that it has taken Nasri a few seasons to reach this level, there are positive signs for Silva.  To stay with the Emirates side, Spanish team mate Fabregas oozes class and would probably be picked again of Silva should we be looking at the best Premier League attacking midfielders.  In many ways Silva IS an Arsenal player, he plays like one and he looks like one, and lets be honest he is far superior to Rosicky and Arshavin.

The English attacking midfield staples of Gerrard and Lampard are on the wane and for me Silva is playing at a higher level than both of them.  I think me and all City fans would hold our hands up and say he could do with scoring more goals like the English men do, having said that sometimes Silva’s selflessness is a benefit to the team.

Manchester United have Nani out wide and you’d probably have to say with the form he has demonstrated this season he is looking better than Silva, but there is little else in the United midfield that I would say compared to City’s man.

Spurs fans would probably tell you that Rafael Van Der Vaart is a better player and that is something I am not sure about, I see them both as pretty different players in many ways, again the Dutchman has a better scoring record which is a positive and he has taken to English football like a duck to water.  Luka Modric in the Spurs ranks is probably a player that I would say is a more apt comparison they approach the game in similar ways and for me are both crucial to the way their teams play.

Whether you think I am massively over rating Silva or not, I think it is unquestionable that the impact he has had on the Premier League is greater than many expected, talk of him being too small or lightweight have been put to bed, and I firmly believe that he is improving all the time and if things continue as they are, next season he could be even more devestating.

So I apologise for the Silva love in, but I think its time the guy got a little bit more respect.  City a one man team? Maybe, but that one man isn’t Tevez.

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