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England Top Table

An international survey, carried out by our friends at Heineken, has seen England claim an early success as Fabio Capello’s team prepares for this summer’s FIFA World Cup in South Africa – with football fans in this country been crowned world champions when it comes to passion for the game.

England supporters beat off strong competition from footballing heavyweights including Brazil, Spain, Germany and Holland to claim the title.

According to the Heineken research, English football fans spend more time talking, watching and reading about football than any other nation on the planet. The study found the typical Englishman watches televised football for an average of two hours and 22 minutes every week. They also spend another three hours and 21 minutes chatting about the latest results, goals or transfer gossip with their mates.

If that wasn’t enough to then the normal supporter in England will also read up on the latest gossip, team news and match action for an astonishing three hours and 52 minutes over the course of a week.

The research, which was carried out with 5,300 men aged between 25 and 40 in 15 countries, saw England top the table ahead of fans from Thailand. World Cup favourites Spain came in sixth with five times winner Brazil in third place.

The Germans were a ruthlessly efficient 11th . A big shock perhaps was the Dutch, with their famously fervent Orange Army,placed bottom of the league.Clearly your  typical Dutch fan has more things on his mind than just football.

The ‘football mad’ league table* in full was as follows:

Talking               Reading              Watching

1. England 3hr 21min         2hr 22min          3hr 52min

2. Thailand          3hr 2min            2hr 15min          3hr 2min

3. Brazil                3hr 20min          2hr 10min          3hr 19min

4. Ireland             3hr 6min            2hr 11min          3hr 9min

5. Mexico            3hr 8min            2hr 1min            2hr 38min

6. Spain               2hr 43min          2hr 7min            2hr 40min

7. Italy                 2hr 55min          1hr 58min          2hr 15min

8. China              2hr 34min          1hr 53min          2hr 32min

9. Scotland        2hr 41min          1hr 52min          2hr 32min

10. S. Africa        2hr 41min          1hr 56min          2hr 31min

11. Germany 2hr 40min          2hr 3min            2hr 16 min

12. Wales            2hr 20min          1hr 53min          2hr 35min

13. France           2hr 14min          1hr 47min          2hr 18min

14. Russia           2hr 22min          1hr 52min          2hr 35min

15. Holland        1hr 56min          1hr 32min          1hr 31min

*The research was conducted by OnePoll in May 2010 amongst 5,300 male adults in England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Thailand, Ireland, China, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and the Netherlands

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Article title: England Top Table

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