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Escapini’s Weekend Premiership Predictor

Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur

This is a game that both sides relish but one that just Arsenal tend to remember. Arsenal appear to be more or less over their erratic form whereas Spurs soldier on with theirs.

Spurs could almost field a team of injured players, but this is the Premiership and not a flower arranging class. So if Harry Redknapp wants to really declare war on the Top 4 then he needs to win this. I think he might nick a draw.

Prediction 2-2

Birmingham vs Chelsea

Birmingham got off to a good start but it appears it may have been a false one. In recent weeks – bar one home win – they have been going backwards. Chelsea by contrast will be looking to redeem themselves after an out of character fiasco loss and I wouldn’t want to be facing them home or away this week.¬† Thanks very much.

Prediction 0-3 (ammended)

Blackpool vs Wolves

Mick and Ian. Sounds like a nice couple who run a chintsy B&B in Brighton.

This whole match is likely to be very entertaining. Blackpool and Wolves have played some decent footy this season and at the risk of being sentimental, neither really deserve to lose this.

Blackpool have nothing but ambition to score and Wolves will be as tough as anyone to breakdown. If McCarthy can’t win this he’ll be suicidal. If the Tangerines win, Holloway will nominate himself for the England job.

Prediction 0-1

Bolton vs Newcastle

Bolton and Newcastle are both oozing self belief. Between Davies and Carroll, there are twenty other players also jostling for a go in the limelight. Neither side are the most sophisticated but they are achieving results with limited resources. My guess is that this could go either way but goals are guaranteed.

Prediction 2-3

Sunderland  vs Everton

Are Sunderland on a roll or just hugely erratic? Everton will feel they can snatch this and I happen to agree. I’ve a sneaking suspicion that Moyes could pull off a good season.

Prediction 0-2

Man Utd vs Wigan

All eyes on United then. Wigan’s away form is pretty dreadful and the idea that they can turn things around at Old Trafford is at best hugely optimistic.Their only hope is that they are able to disrupt and frustrate the Red Devils in order to avoid father than delay the inevitable. God bless and good luck.

Prediction 4-0

West Brom vs Stoke

No disrespect to those involved and their loyal support, but I’d rather be stuck in a lift with Gillian McFakeDoctor for 90 minutes than have to sit through this.

Prediction 1-1

Liverpool vs West Ham

Liverpool sorely need to buck their ideas up. Less pointing at other people and focus on doing what they ought do best and get back to playing good football. The bad Yanks have gone and Roy may not be Jose, but nor is a Chuckle Brother.

West Ham are rubbish and ought to be in the Championship.


Blackburn vs Villa

Fat Sam vs Depressed Gerrard it is then. I take it back. This could be worse than the Stoke game.

Prediction 0-0

Fulham vs Man City

This will either be dead good for City or mark the end of Blue Moon ambitions this season. Harsh? Fulham are not giant killers – or at least they weren’t the last time I looked. City have spent too much money to accept a draw or worse here. Late goals I reckon.

Prediction 1-3

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