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Even Tesco Are Taking The Mickey Out Of United!

Just when United fans thought the pain and suffering was over, well think again. This time the humiliation wasn’t caused by David Silva and co but at the hands of a Tesco employee. Who would have thought?

In what has been a terrible few days for United supporters, it doesn’t help when a leading supermarket pokes fun at you aswell. In saying that, it was actually an employee of Tesco and not the supermarket itself who changed the price of the confectionery items to imitate the scoreline.

The employee will be viewed as a hero amongst City fans and on the ‘most wanted list’ by United supporters. United fans will be praying for the week to end, while City fans will want to bask in the ambience for just that little tad longer.

What started with some play on words like ‘Six & the City’, ‘Six City’, ‘The Only Way is Ess6- 1’, has now elevated to the shelves of our local supermarkets. I wonder what will be next?

It has been a shocking and wretched week for the Red Devil fans, where they have had to sit back and witness fans from all around the world mock their beloved United.

The United fans are said to be outraged by the picture when it went viral online. Does anyone really care what they think? I’m sure they didn’t have any shame when humiliating the Arsenal fans after their 8-2 victory. As they fell to an 8-2 hammering, United fans came out with jokes like ‘I’d 8-2 be an an arsenal fan” circling the air for weeks on end. However Man City’s 6-1 demolition proved to be the icing on the discounted cake which seemed fitting for United’s earlier cheap premature mockery…let’s say £1 cheap.

In the end, it is oh so sweet for the blue half of Manchester.

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