Football Ink – 5 Of Football’s Best Tattoo’s

NEWSFLASH – David Beckham has a new tattoo!! Yes that’s right! Never mind that revolutions are occurring across the Arab world which could change the course of history. Never mind that half the country is out of work, and no-body’s quite sure who’s running things. Never mind all that stuff….all we really want to know about is Beckham’s new tattoo!!

Apparently, Beckham’s new ‘ink’ is a picture of Jesus surrounded by 3 cherubs. The cherubs are supposed to represent Beckham’s 3 boys, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. Beckham has described the artwork as;

‘Jesus being carried by three cherubs and obviously the cherubs are my boys and so my thought of it is that at some point my boys are going to need to look after me and that’s what they’re doing in the picture.’Awwwww……how sweet?? Beckham already has a number of tattoos, including a picture of his wife topless and her name in Hindi. But we’ve all got one of them, right lads?

Beckham sees his tats as ‘something that I’ve found that kind of expresses how I feel or thoughts I have or memories.’ Isn’t that nice? Tattoos are quite common in football, whether you’re a player or a fan. In fact, it’s generally considered that if you’re going to get a tattoo it’s better to get your club’s name instead of your loved ones. Your club is less likely to leave after you’ve been caught cheating on it with the hot red-head down the road. Here at the Tavern, we love a bit of ink and so we thought we’d celebrate by having a mini-rundown of some of the country’s best loved football tattoos.

John Anthony Portsmouth Football Club Westwood – Otherwise known as ‘That bloke who rings the bell at Portsmouth matches,’ John is a genuine, bona-fide fan legend. He’s so dedicated to the club that he changed his name by deed poll. He has 60 Portsmouth based tattoos, the club crest shaved into his head and PFC engraved on his teeth. He can be seen at Portsmouth matches wearing a blue and white curly haired wig and a Portsmouth stove-pipe hat (like the Pompey version of Abraham Lincoln), and where ever he goes the sound of his trademark bell is never far behind.

Daniel Agger – The Liverpool centre-back is so addicted to tattoos that he’s a qualified artist! His back is covered with a scene depicting a Viking graveyard and a Latin motto which translates as ‘Death is Certain, it’s Hour is Not.’ He must be the life and soul of the dressing room.

George Wright – Newcastle fans are well known for their love of body art, but Toon fan George Wright is one of the best examples. Wright has a tattoo of Sir Bobby Robson’s face on his thigh, with England and Newcastle crests on either side. He struck upon the idea after watching footage of people leaving flowers and shirts at St. James’ Park following the death of the legendary Geordie manager. For George, this display of affection wasn’t permanent enough. His tattoo is meant to be an everlasting tribute to the great man. I’m sure Robson would have loved it….no, really….

Duncan Ferguson – Big Dunc is an intriguing figure. Hated and feared in equal measure, he was worshipped by Everton fans because of his heroics in the club’s No.9 shirt. Never prolific  he nevertheless always gave 100% for the Toffees and seemed to genuine love playing on the Blue half of Merseyside. His goals against Liverpool and Manchester United were usually followed by Duncan ‘Disorderly’ whipping off his shirt and flexing his muscles to an adoring crowd. The fans loved him even more when they saw the Everton crest tattoo at the top of his arm. Not as artistically pleasing as some of the other tats in the game, it was the one Evertonians loved to see most!

Wayne Rooney – Rooney has 3 tattoos, including the title of a Stereophonic’s album, ‘Just Enough Education To Perform.’ Make up your own punchline for that one! Wayne is a big fan of the Welsh band, and even had them play at his wedding. His next tattoo is going to be a life size portrait of Kelly Jones on his thigh….just joking….

Tat’s all folks!! But who’ve I missed? Robbie Savage’s Armani logo? Juan Veron’s tribute to Che Guevara? Or what about Ryan Gigg’s Yakuza style dragon which covers his whole back, and was the basis for the famous murder mysetery novel ‘Giggs With A Dragon Tattoo’….I think I may have just made that last one up! Let me know what you think in the comment box below!

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