Remember him? 2 players you’ve probably forgotten ever played for Everton

Everton have had some memorable players in their history, and have consistently performed in the Premier League. However, even for our most avid football fans here at the Transfer Tavern, it’s not easy to remember every star that has pulled on the blue shirt.

Some simply because it was before said punter’s life time or others due to the fact they just weren’t that memorable.

The club have had some cracking players, though, with cups won in their more distant past and recent successes such as being in the Europa League and reaching the Champions League qualifiers still fresh in their memory.

They’ve also had a number of brilliant managers, yet we aren’t focusing on them, we’re more interested in the eleven on the pitch!

With that in mind, it is highly likely that you would have forgotten the fact that these TWO players ever played for Everton…

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