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Exclusive Interview With Frank Lampard

Interviews with footballers rend to be dull. The same questions fired at the same people who tend to regurgitate the same answers. This interview is a refreshing change.

Sabotage Times secured an exclusive interview with Chelsea legend Frank Lampard and here are a few excerpts from it. Enjoy…

When was the first time you knew you had made it? Was there a game early on where you felt that?

To be honest I never had that, not at school, not with the other teams I played for, not even with the youth team at West ham or when I’d broken into the first team. I didn’t truly think I’d made it to where I wanted to be until I signed for Chelsea.

I heard your favourite TV programme is Newsnight, is that true?

Ha ha, well no it’s The Sopranos, Tony’s my favourite and I really like Pauly but I do like programmes like Newsnight and Question Time. I’ve been asked to go on Question Time but I’m not sure if it’s right for a footballer to be on there. I think I could hold my own there, I’m interested in politics and what goes on. I know what’s going roughly with the usually subjects like Iraq and immigration and so on. I read the papers, I normally keep up with these things.

What’s that on your wrist?

It’s an Audemars Piguet Montoya. I have fifteen watches, some I’ve had since I was younger, first earning at West Ham. I do like my watches, it’s my one weakness I suppose. Other than that, I hate to waste money.

What about resentment for the lack of success, the expectations are so huge for the England team.

I think probably every country has it. When it comes to the championships, when it comes to an England game people are expecting us to win. I think there is a resentment, we do like a scapegoat, something to pick on about the team.

The full article is HERE.

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Article title: Exclusive Interview With Frank Lampard

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