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Fabio Capello Could Be Your New Manager

With clubs potentially on the look out for a new boss over the summer (or sooner), we look at who could be fortunate enough to land the nations sweetheart Fabio.

After the Daily Mail revealed Fabio Capello is ready to come back to England and manage in the Premier League, clubs across the country were no doubt placed on red alert, after a stringent check  of their accounts of course.

The paper claim the man, who quit England six and a half weeks ago, has no intention of calling time on his career even at the delicate age of 66. Capello’s time serving England could perhaps be described as one of the biggest footballing swindles ever, after the Italian accumulated an obscene amount of cash for the return of a last 16 humiliation at the hands of our greatest rivals in the biggest competition on the plant. But that won’t deter any club too lazy to give any real thought into who’s the right man for the job.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is no stranger to links to gargantuan names, and indeed thrives on them, so it’s no surprise that his club are the first name out of the hat for this one. The Russian supremo is on the lookout for a new victim after making Andre Villas Boas walk the plank, and with the all important thumbs up likely to come from interim manager John Terry, Capello would provide a quote “medium-term replacement,” whatever that means.

Essentially Chelsea would be the perfect match for Capello. London, John Terry and money a-plenty, the former Real Madrid man would feel right at home.

One source said: ‘Fabio will be very happy to coach an English club as long as the project is an interesting one. That means the club will need to match his ambition and have the money to buy the players he would need. Ideally, he’d like to coach for two more years and then perhaps spend a third year showing a younger manager the ropes before retiring.”

He then went on to drink himself to near death before rambling: “What happened with the England national team would not prevent him from returning to the country — why should it? His record with England was good.” 

Capello is known to be a man who likes to keep his options open, so why not liverpool? They love to waste copious amounts of money, have an England connection with the likes of Stewart Downing, Stevie G and Jordan Henderson (!) and would make any manager look like a world beater considering the senile mentalist they have at the helm at the moment. But the depths of the north might not suit a classy Capello, who’s far more interested in strutting about the capital like an emperor.

So what about Tottenham? Harry looks likely to be on his way after scraping a Champions League spot, and there’s plenty of good left in the club for Fabio to get his hands on. Again there are plenty of Englishmen in the squad, all of whom are believed to respect their former boss, and the stature of the man may just appease those disgruntled at the departure of their current manager.

Capello has won league titles in Italy and Spain, and claimed the Champions League in 1994 with AC Milan. And he wants to steer one more club towards glory before he calls it a day.

So I guess we can rule Wolves out then, unless Terry Conner nobly steps aside to act as a confidant or something similar.

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Article title: Fabio Capello Could Be Your New Manager

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