Forget Lawro – Here’s Your Weekend Predictions

Everton vs Chelsea

Chelsea might be getting a bit of complex from this transfer window it’s like that line from the shining. ‘Sorry sir, your money’s no good here’. The good news is that they are slowly but surely showing signs of improvement. Enough to beat Everton away? My hunch is probably, yes. Prediction 1-3.

Southampton vs Manchester United

Very difficult to this as anything other than a shop window for lots of youngsters on both sides and ultimately an away win.

Aston Villa vs Blackburn

Two teams with highly questionable form who would not mind a cup run. Villa with Bent in and Carew out were 300 times more interesting to watch. Blackburn are marginally less awful without Big Sam at the helm. Prediction 2-1.

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Wolves vs Stoke

Two teams I wouldn’t be in hurry to watch if I’m completely honest. Prediction 1-2

West Ham vs Nottingham Forest

Avram Grant needs a this like a hole in the head. Forest however will travel in the full and certain knowledge that… Avram Grant needs this like a hole in the head. Prediction 1-2.

Birmingham vs Coventry

Birmingham were shocking against West Ham. But West Ham were actually worse. But this won’t stop Brum feeling as if they are as good as Argentina right now. Prediction 2-1.

Arsenal vs Huddersfield Town

Old Arsenal don’t like playing this roughty toughty outfits too much, but at least they’ll be at home. Prediction 3-0.

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Notts County vs Manchester City

City, like Arsenal aren’t crazy about having to mix it with lesser mortals either. A giant killing on the cards? Probably not. But County to score first would be an interesting bet. Prediction 1-2.

Fulham vs Spurs

Spurs don’t have a sensational record at Craven Cottage. Fortunately for Spurs, nor do Fulham. Prediction 1-2.

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