Forget Lawro – Here’s Your Weekend Predictions

After a high octane week of Champions League and Europa action, it’s sometimes easy to forget why we’re really all here and that’s for the best league in the world and it’s domestic action. Only 4 games but each of them vitally important in their own right.

Birmingham vs Bolton

Blimey, one minute your winning a cup, the next your washing them up. Birmingham need to get a grip or their flirtation with the relegation zone could turn into a permanent relationship. Bolton by contrast still sit in seventh spot and their away form ought to give the Brummies plenty to worry about.  Prediction 1-2 is 17/2.

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Manchester United vs Arsenal

Arsenal have played some excellent football this season but have marred it by whining when things didn’t go their way. I love football, hate whiners. Stop whining and play up. Manchester United have come a close second in the whining stakes. Difficult to believe this will be amicable, difficult to believe Arsenal have much left in the tank. Prediction 3-1 is 14/1.

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Stoke vs West Ham

Stoke’s form has gone from being on the wane to looking like they really want to play Championship football next season. They have won just one in their last six games. West Ham by contrast resemble a side that had a look at Championship football and it freaked them out. With Injuries behind them they look 100% better than they did just a few weeks ago. Prediction 1-2 is 11/1.

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Manchester City vs Reading

Reading will relish the fact that City got bustled midweek. But Eastlands is home to a big squad with big depth and big ambition. The Balotelli grass allergy is beyond parody, a City fan on Talksport today simply said, ‘only at City.’ Reading will give it a good go, of that I’m certain. But Bobby wants a cup. Prediction 3-1 is 11/1.

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