“From a 10 to a 5 to a 1” – Hector Bellerin ridiculed on Twitter for his new haircut

“He needs to spend less time on his hair and more time on his football”, cried one Arsenal fan in the Transfer Tavern after a recent poor performance from Hector Bellerin.

Hector Bellerin has come under fire in recent weeks from a number of dissatisfied Arsenal fans.

And now the Spanish right back, who has been strongly linked with Barcelona, is getting lambasted on various social media platforms for a daring new hairstyle.

The young defender has changed his hair fairly recently, opting for a slightly longer look with an Alice band to keep his hair out of his eyes.

Now, he has used his long hair and come up with another new hairstyle.

He has been snapped in recent training ground pics showing off his new hairdo, which has been met with laughter and disbelief on social media.

Here are a selection of the best tweets about Bellerin’s hair.

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