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Fulham’s New Manager. Oh Dear Me.

Sinister forces are at work. I sense a disturbance in the force. Or perhaps it’s the sound of the coke being scraped up and hurled into the furnace of what will be another managerial Gravy Train for SGE.

But it would appear that Fulham saw this coming well before the media began doing their usual 2+2 sketches. This from an interesting piece by ‘Slicker’ in last week’s Private Eye, then.

An immediate result of Harrods being sold to the Quataris has been seen at Craven Cottage. Days after the ¬£1.5 bn deal, the mysterious Birsket Holdings from British Virgin Islands¬† disclosed that it had been repaid part of the money it was owed and had discharged it’s lien over part of it’s security – the proceeds from season tickets and gate receipts….

An interesting strategy to focus upon this element of the security held, he? Almost as if Fayed was getting Fulham ready for a brave new future?

Given the worthy achievements in the UEFA Europa last season on what was a meager player spend, Fulham look like they could be enhance further with the right guidance, but their sole revenue stream outside of SKY’s filthy geld is their pretty limited gate money.

To install a journeyman manager ie, not a big exciting name would spell doom. Phil Brown anyone? No, Fulham are bracing themselves to fund a new chapter in Sven’s accounting journals. I have no axe to grind with Fulham so I’ll say this, they deserve better.

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Article title: Fulham’s New Manager. Oh Dear Me.

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