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George Caveney Waves Goodbye To Petrov. At Least, I Think He’s Waving.

Don't let it hit you where the good Lord split you...

So, Martin Petrov has had a cowardly dig at City for ringing in the changes that make him surplus to requirements.

“I’m not 18 years old” he very helpfully pointed out on his way to the bus stop. Yes, Martin, we know. That’s why your petulance is even harder to ignore. You’ve been at it for a while now, and as the infuriating parent phrase goes, ‘if you want to be treated like an adult, why don’t you start behaving like one.’ Or go and try that crap with your new family and see where it gets you.

Don’t get me wrong. I think Petrov is a remarkable talent, and has been both motivation and inspiration to City’s cause in the last couple of seasons. It just annoys me how players have a teddy-torturing strop when they can’t accept that things move on. If he was having such a terrible time earning sh*tloads and being instrumental in the early stages of City’s rise to the higher echelons, surely the chance of first-team regularity at Bolton should cheer him up a bit. And he’ll have chance to show just how important he is on the pitch home and away next season. Antsy, balding, injured, glove-wearing Billy no-mates. I didn’t want to see him go, but this kind of adolescent mumbling crap is a bit off…

Elano was the same. And to a degree, Robinho. Plop-flicking spoilt brats with more support, money, talent, opportunity and adulation than you or I will ever shake a stick at, yet all they do is grizzle when their self-image doesn’t automatically translate to the pitch or reflect the club’s carefully considered strategies. Maybe not so much Robinho, actually. He’s just profoundly daft, bless him, and probably doesn’t even know where he is half the time unless it’s in a yellow shirt with blue trim and there’s lots of shouting going on. Which seems to transform him into the player we thought we’d stolen for £32.5 million. Will he come back? Will it be different this time? Ooooh, de la Souza, you are a tease.

What the hell. If you can’t be gracious in accepting change and a new challenge, big enough to show appreciation for your opportunities – or professionally shut your gob when it makes sense to – best you clear off now. Just a shame you might help take two or three points away from a team where the ink, paint and glue is still drying. What did I say, Mancini, Cook, et al? Not to other EPL sides, you idiots! Europe, Championship, dog food manufacturers. Just not our immediate rivals!

Cheers, Mr Petrov. Thanks. Nice knowing you. At least you won’t have to move house.

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Article title: George Caveney Waves Goodbye To Petrov. At Least, I Think He’s Waving.

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