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Gobby Gaffers & Motormouth Managers!

These are my favourite “gobby gaffers” in the English premier league. They are well known for their outbursts. It’s what makes football, what it is today and the influences these men have on the game are unbelievable.

Harry Redknapp

Known as an excellent man motivator and an accomplished trader in the transfer market, Arry is working it seems on distancing himself from the whole wheeler dealer image as per him blowing up live on Sky a few months back. The England job beckons and while the barra boy wants to polish his image, he’d be better watching what he says, rather than other people.

“Samassi Abou don’t speak the English too good.”

“John Hartson’s got more previous than Jack the Ripper.”

“I sorted out the team formation last night lying in bed with the wife. When your husband’s as ugly as me, you’d only want to talk football in bed.”

Mick McCarthy

The Wolves boss is notorious for his sarcastic remarks and these quotes clearly show what he’s like. He’s a very good manager who often ends up getting into mischief with the F.A.

“I was feeling as sick as the proverbial donkey.”

“It’s the usual one – a manager leaves, somebody else comes in and they get the result. Well, balls to that.”

“We have got the drug testers here today. They shouldn’t be going to see the players – they should go to see the officials instead.”

Sam Allardyce

Big Sam is renowned for his long-ball approach, 11 men behind the ball and smash-and-grab victories which has worked well especially leading Bolton to two top six finishes and now beginning his life at Blackburn in decent fashion. He’s very open in the media as these quotes suggest……

“We are going to need a double-decker in front of our goal rather than the team coach!”

“He didn’t get anywhere near the ball. If that had been a defender, it would have been a penalty, but goalkeepers have this protection.”

“The handball was an absolute definite – a screamer, a 120 per cent penalty.”

Ian Holloway

He lead relegation favourites Blackpool up from the championship and has started life in the premier league steadily. He speaks his mind and his off-cut jokes has made him a favourite among fans and many people have compared him to the “special one” Jose Mourinho.

“Right now, everything is going wrong for me – if I fell in a barrel of boobs, I’d come out sucking my thumb!”

“When my mum was running our house, when I was a kid, all the money was put into tins. She knew what was in every tin and I know how much I’ve got in my tin – that’s the way we’ll run this club.”

“I love Blackpool. We’re very similar. We both look better in the dark.”

Arsene Wenger

He has built a reputation in the media as a “moaner”. Wenger is the most successful Arsenal manager of all time and his comments to the press always create talking points.

“When you give success to stupid people, it makes them more stupid sometimes and not more intelligent”

“The penalty decision was Old Traffordish.”

“You ask 100 people, 99 will say it’s very bad and the 100th will be Mark Hughes.”

Alex Ferguson

Possibly the greatest football manager to ever grace the planet Earth? The statistics back him up and it’s not just his style of play and success that makes the man 100% entertainment. He’s always at the centre of pre-match or post-match action.

“We’re suffering because of what happened against Arsenal… one of my players would have to be hit by an axe to get a penalty at the moment.”

“We will only be in trouble if we listen to Jose too much.”

“The crowd were dead. It was like a funeral out there.”

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