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Grass is greener: Angel Gomes has no excuse not to force exit from Man Utd struggle

The Man Utd academy is known as being one of the best in England, but it’s fair to say that the Red Devils haven’t been as prolific when it comes to developing homegrown talent as they’re used to as of late.

Jose Mourinho isn’t a manager known for his focus on youth, but could this come back to bite him?

An increasing number of players are moving away from their clubs and going abroad to get the chance that they deserve, with recently-capped Jadon Sancho the most high-profile man to make the jump.

A similar player to Man Utd man Angel Gomes, Sancho has been potent for Borussia Dortmund this season, and despite being just 18-years-old, he now finds himself turning out in the Bundesliga regularly.

Gomes, then, should be looking at his compatriot and thinking why isn’t he doing the same?

After all, the attacker has everything it takes to succeed. He’s quick, he’s technically gifted, he’s got a tremendous eye for a goal, he’s driven, and he’s still young – and so the potential that he posses is simply huge.

He’s outgrown the Man Utd developmental system, and he’s stuck in that awkward period between being a youth player and getting his chance. That’s not too dissimilar to Sancho at Man City, and he can take two potential paths from here on out.

Gomess can stay at Man Utd in the hope of getting a chance, and he could end up getting a few minutes here and there – and in an ideal world, he’ll impress and get a further chance. However, with that comes the increased pressure of needing to perform every time you’re on the pitch, not to mention the concern of not getting any minutes.

Or, then, he could move away, and clubs in the Bundesliga have proven that they’re more than happy to give young players chances. There is certainly an argument to suggest that he’ll have a much better chance of making it over there.

It’s a big call, certainly, but one that he should seriously consider.

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Grass is greener: Angel Gomes has no excuse not to force exit from Man Utd struggle
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