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Has YOUR Club Got The Guts To Introduce A Wage Cap?

You don’t have to be a genius to agree with this statement. You don’t even have to be a football fan either. The fact is that our beautiful English game has rightly attracted the worlds most elite players, and not so elite players, to attempt to master their art in the premiership.

This has long been the case over the last decade but having the most thriving league in the world has now started to suffer from its own success.

Many would argue that there are no signs of the Premiership stuttering and that it is probably at its best right now. If that’s you, then you most likely support the following: Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea or indeed Liverpool.

And that’s not to say that it is just because you are sitting pretty in the league right at this moment but mainly because your club has had the honour of being taken over by wealthy Eastern billionaires eagerly vying for the worlds attention and an opportunity to flash their cash, flexing their financial muscles against their rivals. These guys happily supply the phenomenal amounts of cash for transfer fees and beyond ridiculous wages making the club simply too irresistible to turn down.

It wasn’t too long ago that Premiership wages surpassed the £100k a week mark. It will not be long now that the £200k weekly wage is surpassed. £200k a week is absolutely unbelievable to pay a single human being for running around a very nicely cut field of cultivated grass.

And that’s even if they get off the bench, which at the likes of Man City and Chelsea, they have an abundance of expensive talent literally just sitting there earning their money. Carlos Tevez, currently out of favour at Man City is a prime example of throwing huge amounts of money away. Tantrums, refusal to play and damn right arrogance is what this very talented and creative player has been reduced too.

So much so that other clubs would now be wary of even contemplating signing him. His team-mate Dzeko, currently in favour I might add, is prone to similar behaviour and doesn’t seem to have any awareness of the thousands of young fans watching in the wings. It doesn’t boad well for future stars and they will simply be looking to earn even more for undoubtably doing even less.

Wage conscious clubs like Arsenal and Everton end up on the receiving end of this financial growth with being critised for having solid wage structures in place and not budging on them. The trouble is they then end up losing their players to these bigger clubs and then it’s the Manager that then comes under the spotlight as success reduces and out-going players increase.

Wage caps  and transfer caps must be the way forward. The clue is in the name of the idea. Cap all players worldwide in similar ways to regular businesses and watch as loyalty,that has seemingly been lost now, returns to our beautiful game. It won’t matter who takes over and only then will the manager’s true skills and leadership shine through.

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Article title: Has YOUR Club Got The Guts To Introduce A Wage Cap?

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