High risk, high reward: It’s time for Liverpool to cash-in on £18m-rated ace after the World Cup

The Liverpool fans in the Transfer Tavern are hoping for their side to improve at the back next season. The arrival of Virgil van Dijk has improved things drastically, but it’s clear that the back-line is limited at Anfield. 

That’s why it’s time for Liverpool to finally sell Dejan Lovren, who is rated at £18 million by Transfer Markt, after the World Cup this summer.

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Lovren has really struggled at the back for nearly his entire stint at Anfield, and it’s fair to say that he’s been the weak link for much of that period. He’s lacked consistency and quality at the back, and he’s regularly been an accident waiting to happen. With Liverpool looking to break back into the list of contemporary European greats, they can’t afford to have inconsistent players at the back – and so they may be left with little choice in the case of Lovren.

Despite his lack of popularity, Lovren has enjoyed a good few months – but that’s exactly why it’s time to sell him. He looked good towards the end of last season, and he’s looked good for Croatia so far this summer. That, naturally, has improved his stock – but Liverpool can’t forget just how poor he has been over the years, and a few good months shouldn’t change that. His value is never going to be higher than it is right now, and so selling him has never made more sense.

The money made from his sale could then be reinvested in a player that is more consistent and that brings far more to this team. At present, he just hasn’t done enough to warrant his retention. Soring out their goalkeeping situation needs to be a priority for the Reds – but landing a new central defender requires just as much attention.

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