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Highlights & Analysis: Swansea vs Spurs

Swansea were excellent. They defended convincingly in number and to be frank their attempts on goal frequently had Spurs looking like they were up against a marauding European outfit. Ball on the floor, wave upon wave of attacking football.

So beyond marveling at the discovery of the finest team the world has ever seen, where did Tottenham go wrong?

Well, they didn’t have much possession. And without the ball they only appeared to have Sandro who stood half a chance of winning it back. Pathe News Boy is beginning to look pooped and what looked like a twisted knee might just be great opportunity to rest him up for a game or two.

On that whole ‘winning the ball back’ business, Bale and Modric do a good impression of two people waiting for their butler go fetch it for them. Modric tracks back, but it’s rare to see either putting their shoe in.

The substitution of van der Vaart revealed Tottenham had nothing creative enough left on the pitch to threaten them with. The removal of PNB revealed Spurs will be horribly vulnerable without him. Any sparks that might have flown from Tottenham were extinguished there and then.

Livermore and Walker? Walker I’ll persevere with as there is only Charlie to replace him and he’s better than that. But when is young Kyle going to get some proper  instruction from one of Tottenham’s illustrious coaches?

Livermore can go back to the reserves and pay off his outstanding dues. After some promising performances I’ve come to the conclusion he’s a pretender. Not a con man, rather he’s mastered looking the part but he’s a long way off from being the required standard. Swagger, sadly little substance.

I see in a few places Friedel getting some stick. THFC want to make that Arry quote, ‘People want goalies that don’t make mistakes – and they don’t exist’  made into a bumper sticker and include as the crappy ‘free’ gift with next season’s membership pack.

For those genuinely seething of course there is I suppose always  the option of having a butchers at the league table and taking a deep breath.

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