Hoop Is At Hand [Sorry, I Couldn’t Resist It]

Can Yobo give Celtic defence some hoop?

With Everton’s ranks looking increasingly fresh of face, the time may be ripe for Joseph Yobo to call it a day at Goodison, as rumours gather of his departure for Celtic, possibly for a loan deal.

Since signing from Marseille, the Nigerian central defender has been an ever-present in David Moyes’ revolutionary squad since 2002, the year Everton were saved from a lifetime of relegation battles and football which makes the Everton of today look like Brazil.

For the most part, Yobo has been a strong and consistently solid defender with a knack for the headed goal – the exceptions being his unfortunate backpass to Wayne Rooney, and allowing rock bottom Charlton to steal a point when he felt that tying his bootlace was more important than defending.

That aside, most Evertonians would remember him with fondness should he go north of the border, but more importantly, what would he bring to Celtic’s squad?

Unless your name is either Ron Benson or Tony Hedges, if you’re old enough you’re good enough, and Celtic undoubtedly must improve their once wall-like defence if they are to once again become the top boys in Glasgow.

At least having top flight experience in a major European league is crucial when taking on Europe’s finest, something which most of Celtic’s defenders (despite showing good potential at times) do not have.

Harsh as it is to label less familiar teams as “lesser” teams, it is the same powerhouses who seem to qualify year after year, even if the average “Ingerland” fan can’t or won’t try to pronounce half of them. But digression is a terrible sin when assessing how just one player can change the fortunes of an ailing squad.

Ultimately, Yobo is lacking in pace, but has previously proven himself to be a steady and reliable defender, capable of holding the line together (at least when he thinks before he acts). He could be just the ticket Celtic need to stop throwing away silly games and repeatedly handing the title to Rangers on a silver platter.

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