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How Much Is Charlie Adam Worth? Vote Now!

Poor little Blackpool. Big nasty Liverpool trying to steal their best toy. Bad Liverpool. Or so rent-a-quote Ian Holloway would have us believe.

When, like most folk, I began becoming aware of Holloway for the first time this season I thought he was good value. A refreshing change. Here was a guy prepared to look possible humiliation of being outclassed in the Premiership in the eye.

Then Blackpool played football like he spoke. Quire fire, all out, all or nothing. They were actually good to watch. What was missing technically was compensated with a fair whack of daring do.

And so to this whole Charlie Adam business. You don’t need to be an expert to see that Adam has been the lynch-pin of their season. You can understand Holloway’s reluctance to part with the player for any money. It’s not in his or Blackpool’s interest.

But Holloway has been revealed as whining child. When interest in Adam first reared it’s unwelcome head Holloway effectively put his fingers in his ears and shouted I can’t hear you I can’t hear you. That didn’t work, so he gave the press some halfwit gangster routine (except in his yokel accent it didn’t quite work) talking about being the ‘Big Dog’ and not having ‘his trousers pulled down’ buy Aston Villa.

Ian clearly mistook Villa going away as a victory. Buoyed by this, Holloway declared himself the player’s agent, father and Indian Spirit guide all in one. Standing on top of the world, looking down on creation, Holloway scoffed at the figure of £4M and suggested that ‘a one’ be put in front of the four.

As it happened Liverpool didn’t bat an eyelid at this garbage and stood their ground. Now Adam’s handed in a transfer request and Holloway is doing a fair impression of Hitler in his bunker (but with a country bumpkin accent).

Holloway needs to grow up. He paid Rangers £500,000 for a pretty mediocre midfielder. The player has experienced a renaissance at Blackpool and been one of the Premiership’s standout players this season. It was inevitable someone would come calling.

I want to add that I didn’t care for the Holloway remark about Damien Comolli on the phone, ‘not making any sense’. This was as close as you can get in public to saying, talking all foreign and that’ without actually saying it. As a Tottenham fan, I’m not a great worshiper of Damien, but that was just a cheap shot.

But now he’s selling (and selling is what you are doing Ian) he expects to hold Liverpool to ransom. Charlie Adam isn’t Lionel Messi. He’s a born again burn out and anyone else taking him on will to an extent be taking a punt. £4M is about his money and Holloway would do well to act with a tad more grace about matters. That’s £3.5M profit not to mention all the good stuff Charlie has done this far.

Hey, with all that cash floating about Blackpool could get under pitch heating in. Like all the grown up clubs have.

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Article title: How Much Is Charlie Adam Worth? Vote Now!

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