‘I am Not An Idiot, I Am A Polar Bear’ Arsene Tells UK Press

If anyone can explain what was going  through the Arsenal coach’s mind when he made the remarks below to John Cross at The Mirror on Friday,  please feel free to share.

“When you have heavy criticism of a young player I am more worried about it I am supposed to take the bullets and absorb them. Like a bear. A polar bear.

In fairness, it does not hurt too much. You worry more about the young player who gets in the team at the moment and gets slaughtered, it’s much more difficult. When I was 19 that was much more difficult to take for me.

I’m a human being and I prefer it when you say I am not an idiot. But I know that it is an emotional game and I have to deal with that.”

This is the only evidence online we could find of absorbent polar bears.

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