If Pochettino doesn’t change, Vincent Janssen will surely leave Tottenham

Tottenham’s transfer policy has, for the most part, delivered some good results, but Mauricio Pochettino has made a few moves that, retrospectively, he’s probably regretting.

Fernando Llorente was, perhaps, the most surprising example, given that he came with a rich pedigree and was proven in the Premier League. Yet, somehow, it just didn’t work out for him in London.

The Lilywhites have a tendency to write players off quickly, and whilst often that saves time and effort, it also means that there is a chance that a few players slip through the net.

One such example is Vincent Janssen, who struggled during his early spell at Spurs. Since then, though, he’s hardly had a chance – and perhaps that needs to change.

After all, Janssen does come with a rich pedigree. He scored a whopping 27 league goals in the lead-up to his move to Tottenham in just one season, and that’s a record that put him amongst Europe’s most lethal forwards. He showed poise and class, and naturally, he was absolutely deadly in front of goal.

Then, he was afforded just 7 league starts in the following season at Spurs, with a further 20 displays coming from the bench. It’s hard for a player to make an impact when he doesn’t get regular minutes from the start, and a bunch of appearances from the sidelines won’t change that.  When he played, sure, he didn’t look great – but many players don’t during their first season in England. Time is often needed, and Janssen never got that.

Clearly, the Dutchman has talent. You don’t score 27 league goals in a single season without that. If he can find even an inkling of that form upon his return from injury, he’d be of use to another club, and undoubtedly, given Spurs’ struggles with depth beyond Harry Kane, he’d be able to make an impact at Spurs.

If Pochettino doesn’t give him the chance to make it right, though, surely the Dutchman will just look to leave.

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If Pochettino doesn’t change, Vincent Janssen will surely leave Tottenham
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