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If Tevez can man up and ‘apologise’ he can play according to Mancini

Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini yesterday told Argentinean trouble-maker Carlos Tevez he still has a future at the Etihad if he says sorry.

After a long and weary process, Mancini has come up with a conclusion concerning Tevez’s future. Quite simply put by the Italian, if he apologises for his Munich mutiny he can play. After declaring back in Munich that Tevez was ‘finished’ at the club, has Mancini had a change of heart, or does he just want this to all blow away and finally focus on what’s really important? City are hitting a critical point in the season and the off pitch antics could prove damaging if not sorted quickly.

However if the striker refuses to apologise for his antics, then the club will have no hesitation to offload Tevez in January according to Mancini. The Italian said:

“Everything depends on Carlos, if he apologies to the squad and to me then everything will be as before.

“If he doesn’t, then Tevez has a value that everyone knows and something will happen in January. He is totally unprepared and being badly advised. I don’t want it to be like this and I would be the first to forgive him.”

Mancini is still baffled by the whole situation, he is still feeling perplexed to why Tevez does not admit his wrong doings and end this feud.

He added: “Every morning, all of us can make a mistake,” he said. “It’s important to apologise for what you do and finish.

“When I was a player and did something wrong, I always apologised. Yes, every time. I told Carlos 20 days ago to apologise.

“I think these are easy words. Very, very easy. Before, I asked him to apologise. It’s easy. These are easy words – always.”

Tevez is in a predicament, does he say sorry and give in, or does he fight for what he truly believes. It is unlikely that Tevez will apologise to Mancini as he is adamant that he is not guilty.

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