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Insane Craig Bellamy Story Gathers Momentum

Here’s a fun one for you.

Bellamy apparently came out and backed Cardiff in their ill-fated play off game against Blackpool. Then a ‘ye olde anonymous source’ claimed that the Manchester City player and Welsh captain.

Bellamy’s well documented frostiness with Mancini has then fanned the flames of a season long loan deal with the Bluebirds.

At this stage in Bellamy’s career, it is questionable he would want to play abroad. So would an Eastlands exit to somewhere he couldn’t directly do them any harm , might be a goer.

Tottenham are understood to have been making very serious enquiries recently and David Moyes is also said to be a big fan.

Look, I know on the face of things is insane, but hey, I didn’t start it.

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