Is Aaron Ramsey A Busted Flush Already?

One of the biggest disappointments forArsenal so far this season (and there have been a few) has been Aaron Ramsey’s lack of development. It’s been a while since Ramsey put in a real barnstormer of a performance. It’s been a while since fan have had any evidence that he’s worthy of all the plaudits he was laden with when he first arrived at the club. He’s been earmarked as one for the future for so long now, that it’s somewhat disappointing that he’s not kicked-on just yet.

It’s not that he’s been bad per se, it’s more that his play has lacked a certain ‘dynamism’ and that he hasn’t really added anything to this Arsenal team. I’ve even seen some of his performances cruelly labelled as ‘Denilsonesque’.

Of course you can’t talk about Aaron Ramsey without mentioning his career-threatening injury. Perhaps rather than bemoaning his lack of development, we should be overjoyed that he’s featuring for Arsenal at all. Given the state of Arsenal football club at the moment, Arsene Wenger really needs the players he put his faith in to start showing why they are worthy of his trust.

Could it be that as a result of his injury, Ramsey’s confidence has been shot to pieces? Is he playing his best football, or could he be putting in more effort, were he not so worried about the consequences?

The counter to this argument is that he looked rather decent when he played for Wales against England. He was lively, looked to get play moving and his passing gave the Welsh a creative thrust (that admittedly came to nothing in the end). But this is the man who fans once claimed would replaced Cesc Fabregas and he still looks some way off ever having this kind of impact for the club.

Whether or not he’s still being held back by his injury, it’s my hope that playing alongside more experienced and distinguished players such as Mikel Arteta will see Ramsey up his game. Whilst the likes of Emmanuel Frimpong and Francis Coquelin are decent prospects, they don’t have the experience that Ramsey has (even though he’s just 20-years-old) and thus I think there’s too much pressure on the young Welshman’s shoulders.

Playing alongside experienced midfielders like Arteta and Alex Song affords Ramsey greater margin for error, more support and less creative burden. The season’s still young but I can definitely see Ramsey getting better as year progresses. Whilst we shouldn’t expect too much of him at this stage, he’s certainly going to be a important player for the Gunners and one that is worthy of some patience from the fans.

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