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Is Abramovich Out Of His Mind?

Unfortunately, ‘just one more season………give it to me’, was not an option for Carlos Ancelotti, after impatient billionaire Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea Football Club proceeded to throw his toys out the pram by sacking the manager of two years, after he failed to produce any silverware for the club this season.

Despite what some may deem as falling short of expectation, over the last two years as manager, Ancelotti has contributed to club history, winning the blues side their first ever double. Nonetheless, the cosmetics of the previous years success seem to have worn off, as the intolerant Abramovich begins his search ready to start the next season with yet another manager.

Perhaps it is just me, or has anybody else noticed the resemblance between the Russian billionaire and Julia Roberts in the film, Runaway bride?

Although speculation of Ancelotti’s sacking has been rife since earlier this season when Chelsea were knocked out of the Champions league, (despite reaching the quarter final stage), has he honestly deserved the criticisms he’s received? Yes perhaps he does lack conviction and maybe at times he has appeared embarrassed, but what manager hasn’t? After being knocked out of the Champions league, Ancelotti focused all his energies into the Premier league, clawing back the points and working Chelsea up the table. After suffering the 1-0 defeat at Wolves earlier in the season, qualifying for a place in the Champions league even looked uncertain.

The problem here for me doesn’t lie with Ancelotti, in fact he has arguably been one of Chelsea’s most successful managers in recent years. The crux of the problem lies with Abramovich, and his endless supply of cash falling from the trees at the bottom of his garden. Evidently, what he is yet to learn is that throwing money at a problem, doesn’t necessarily solve it.

It wasn’t Ancelotti’s decision to casually blow £50 million on a striker who can’t find the goal. I for one hope and believe Chelsea will see the return of the investment next season, nonetheless, Chelsea will have to start from scratch yet again with an owner batting away an increasingly large list of managers who have fallen down harder and faster than the characters of a ‘guess who’ game.

Some might argue that with the kind of money Abramovich has invested into the club, he is entitled to behave in the way he has, but is that really what football is about? How can he expect to win titles when the managers don’t stick around long enough for the players to understand their philosophies and respect their style of management?

Abramovich needs to change his attitude towards the club rather than continuing to run it like a circus act. Titles take time and patience to win and unfortunately, Chelsea will see another world class manager fall to the wayside through the Russian billionaires ‘I want it all and I want it now’ mentality.

Ashley Johnston

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Article title: Is Abramovich Out Of His Mind?

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