Is Andrey Arshavin Suffering From A Loss Of Confidence Or A Loss Of Heart?

Andrey Arshavin recently gave an interview in which he’s been very open and honest about his Arsenal career as of late, and talks about the fact that he has struggled in recent times.

Speaking about the Arsenal supporters he said:

‘They should expect more from me, of course. They should expect some more tricks, goals and unbelievable passes.’

I really cannot argue with the 30-year-old forward. When he joined, I expected bigger things from him, but we’ve only really seen glimpses of brilliance from Arshavin over the past 3 years and that’s disappointing, for me eapecially as I think he is a great footballer.

Arshavin is now in his 30′s, however, he still believes he can deliver more than he has been doing:

‘To be honest, I am still expecting more from me as well. But, believe me, I do everything I can do. I just must give everything I can at the moment.’

This to me is worrying because it sounds as if he has A) lost his confidence and B) getting towards the end of his time with the club.

Arsene Wenger isn’t exactly well known for keeping older players on, especially those who aren’t performing well. Although I still rate the little Russian, my expectations of him have fallen drastically because he just doesn’t deliver consistently enough to be reliable.

In my opinion, I think Arshavin knows that the end is near for him at Arsenal, as he sounds more like a player that is trying to find something that he already has rather than someone who has the desire to fight and improve his form.

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