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Is Diarra The Key To Ending The Mascherano Saga?

The Mascherano to Barcelona soap opera is starting to get really old now. It’s like another Ken Barlow infidelity story, yeah he’s old and cheating on his wife but who gives a shit?

It’s over a week since I wrote that the monster Masch would be going to Barcelona and the clubs in question are starting to make me look stupid. I can’t blame Liverpool for holding out for a better price, they need the money and Mascherano is genuinely worth a lot more than the £12m it’s reported Barca are offering. But Barca has been doing this all summer. Cesc Fabregas was their target numero uno and they wouldn’t stump up a fair offer. A club that received £30m for Yaya Toure wants to buy Fabregas for £20m or Mascherano for £12m?! The cheek of it.

Rumour has it Real Madrid’s Mahamadou Diarra could be the answer to finally ending this snooze fest. Diarra is way down the pecking order at Madrid. So out of favour is he that he’s not even their first choice Diarra. He’d be available dirt cheap; he’s a readymade replacement for Mascherano and at twenty nine has still got a few good years left.

If Liverpool can get him for a small price then only a slightly improved offer from Barca may be enough and then we can all get on with the rest of our lives. Liverpool will then have a bit in the bank to strengthen and won’t need to spend it replacing Mascherano.

One stumbling block may be a cantankerous old man of a club called Real Madrid. Though they would be happy to let Diarra go, I doubt they’d be keen to see him join Liverpool. Would they want to be the instigators in a deal that would see their main rivals sign a top class player? No they wouldn’t.

I just hope that Barca makes a fair offer sharpish, or Liverpool accept their fate and let Mascherano go. Otherwise this could be my last article due to me being in a boredom-induced coma.

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