Is Pienaar Seriously Threatening To Go To Spurs, Or Just Negotiating?

Unsettled and possibly Spurs bound...

For Evertonians and fans of Steven Pienaar, this is perhaps the most unsettling piece of transfer news to date regarding the South African winger. On the evidence of his performances against Blackburn and Wolverhampton, his heart just isn’t in the Everton cause, and will never be unless the club smashes the wage structure.

Rumours of a move to Bayern Munich, Tottenham or Manchester City have rumbled on to various degrees of believability (usually not very). Now though, comes the starkest indication yet of how much money Pienaar wants, but cannot have at Everton under Bill Kenwright.

Manager David Moyes has arguably taken Pienaar from obscurity with Borussia Dortmund and Ajax, and established him as a top flight player fulfilling his true potential. For some, this demand for higher wages may be a sign of ingratitude, but money is relative in a pro footballer’s short career.

As such, Pienaar will no doubt want the best deal possible, and judging by his languid performance on Saturday (probably the second worst player behind Diniyar Bilyaletdinov) he is far from happy with life at Goodison Park. This would change however, with an increased salary in the deal:

“I’m happy to sign a new one but it has to be right and fair, the only difference I’ve had with the club has been over what’s right.”

Moyes however, has stated that his offer stands and he will not budge:

“Pienaar has been made a brilliant offer, Steven is not accepting what we have offered. It’s as simple as that. I don’t know where it goes from there. He knows and so do his people. He has been made an offer, and for anyone to say otherwise is nonsense.”

The ensuing standoff is no doubt disrupting the squad, and those with their heads screwed on right will take Huddersfield seriously on Wednesday evening. This is the perfect opportunity for Tottenham to step in and take Pienaar at a cut price, since he must be sold now or depart for free in January.

With a broken team spirit and a trip to Aston Villa followed by Manchester United at home, it’s worrying times for the blue side of Merseyside.

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