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Is Roberto Mancini Really Braced For A €24M Bid?

Italian champions A.C. Milan have once again reiterated their interest to bring City’s controversial striker Mario Balotelli back to Italy.

The 21-year-old Italian has without a doubt caused quite a stir since his arrival in English football and has never been too shy of making the headlines-for the good and the ugly. His scintillating performance against Manchester United at Old Trafford was admired by the Rossoneri club and their chief executive Adriano Galliani has stated it’s his ‘passion’ to bring the egotistical striker back to Milan. A City where he has played for rivals Inter previously.

The striker’s goal scoring form hasn’t gone unnoticed back in Milan. The Italian notched up his 5th and 6th goal of the season during their 6-1 hammering over United at the weekend. Balotelli is definitely an enigma. You never know what’s going to happen next with Mario. It cannot be denied that he does have a dark side, he can often be perceived as belligerent ,bad-tempered, a trouble maker and immature, but that’s what makes him so likeable and entertaining. The boy is only 21 and unquestionably he has the talent and potential to be a star.

In recent weeks you can see a difference in the young striker and his form is showing dividends. Galliani has hinted that the ex-Inter striker can form an alarming partnership with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Galliani told Sky Italia that “Balotelli is my passion, he’s a great player,’

‘Take him to Milan? Who knows, for now it remains a passion.’

‘Ibrahimovic? He’s fine and will remain until the end of his contract. Ibra and Balotelli will compensate each other, they would be good together.’

We all know Balotelli is a controversial character, a player who has never been shy from expressing his opinions. He has stated in the past his distaste of the City itself, ‘I’m not happy in Manchester, I don’t like the city. With the boss and the rest of the team I’m OK but the city is not up to my taste.’ However the fans have grown used to his outbursts and with Balotelli looking like a player, playing with a smile on his face now, maybe he has had a change of heart.

It must be said that Balotelli is a self-confessed AC Milan fan and if he were to join the Rossoneri, it wouldn’t be the first time he has worn the Red and Black striped shirt. In March 2010 he appeared on the Italian TV show Striscia la Notizia wearing the A.C. Milan shirt.

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