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Is Wayne In For A Slaughtering From The Fans?

So, it’s official. The man himself is back.

After what seems like an eternity of injuries (real, disputed, fabricated then back to real again), bad performances, shock revelations, frantic negotiations, dangerous liaisons, reconciliations and rehabilitations, Wayne Rooney is back in the United camp, with Ferguson already stating his main man may make the bench for tomorrow’s home game against Wigan.

Now, what odds would we get on Fergie, er, surprising us all by playing Rooney from the start?

Regardless, whenever Wayne does take to the field again, United fans will be hopeful of an immediate impact, and probably feel Wayne owes them one, too! I wouldn’t like to guess what the reaction will be when Rooney’s name is announced at Old Trafford, but he may well be in for a torrid few months, at home and away.

That is until he scores a pivotal/ vital/ winning goal, of course. From then on, it won’t be long at all until all his recent transgressions are dismissed, and probably blamed entirely on his agent.

Football is a fickle game, we all know this, and the United faithful are quite right to demand a show of loyalty from Wayne through a return to the player he was last season. That’s what they pay their money to see, and any football fan from any other club would see that as Rooney having paid his dues.

If Rooney really has returned on a quest for salvation, the title race will be well and truly on.

But, just a final thought before we all wonder how we ever did without him, and shudder at the thought of what might have been, had he really left.

When Rooney said, out of the blue, that he wanted to go, I’ll admit that I wanted him gone. If he didn’t want to play for the club, he had to go. I knew it was catastrophic news, but I thought that if we managed to stop him going to City, and instead thrash out a deal with Real Madrid then, well, perhaps United could have done rather well for themselves.

I’d value Rooney at around £60-65m, so how about this?

Part-exchange transfer, Manchester United – Real Madrid.

Want-away, disruptive player (£65m) – Karim Benzema (£30m), Lassana Diarra (£25) plus £10m?

We would have got a replacement striker, sorted out our light-weight midfield, and recouped the transfer value of Javier Hernandez.

Maybe not such a bad deal, although the Glazers may have pocketed the lot, anyway.

I’m glad Rooney stayed.

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Article title: Is Wayne In For A Slaughtering From The Fans?

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