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It would be a massive mistake for Man Utd to secure an agreement with this key man – agreed?

The Man Utd fans in the Transfer Tavern are desperate for Jose Mourinho to stay at the club long-term. It’s no surprise, then, that recent reports from ESPN suggesting that initial talks over a new contract for the manager have generated a lot of delight in the pub.

Certainly, up until this point, Jose Mourinho has done well. His side look good, and they’re improving. However, our landlord thinks that securing a new deal with Mourinho would be a massive mistake, and he’s not short of reasons why. The most obvious reason comes in the form of his current deal at Old Trafford. It doesn’t expire until 2019, and so to renew his terms this early simply wouldn’t make financial sense.

You also have to consider the typical lengths of his previous contracts at other clubs. His career has been one of familiarity in that his managerial pattern is clear; rarely does he stay at a club for longer than a couple of years. His success either slows down or he falls out with key figures, and that’s never a good thing. His current contract doesn’t expire for a few years, and so many things could happen between now and then.

A deal would secure his future, but there’s no real concern of him leaving imminently, so Man Utd should hold off.

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