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It’s All Change At The Lane

I’ve blogged, Tweeted and spoken to anyone that would listen – that it’s going to be all change at Tottenham Hotspur very soon.

As we go into the final week of this summer’s transfer window, nothing has changed my mind on that – nothing at all.

The lack of patience and in some cases knowledge of the transfer process is worrying by a selection of Spurs supporters. It’s all the more worrying when you consider – it’s Daniel Levy’s way. It always has been, so why the surprise?

The appointment of Villas-Boas was always going to leave us short on time this summer. Our pre season has been effectively a trial for all the playing staff – and rightly, as some have already mentioned – we could in theory be left with a 36 game season.

Early business was impressive and deals for Vertonghen and Sigurdsson set the bar. The delayed arrival of Adebayor was an obvious problem on Saturday, but now it’s done we have something close to what what we had last year.

Let the the AVB revolution begin…

My Twitter feed yesterday was very split on how our manager could possibly think of selling Michael Dawson. Our club captain, our heart, all that good about Spurs…very sentimental indeed, but totally flawed.

Dawson, for all of his heart and bulldog sprit, fits into an AVB side about as much as I do…he lacks pace, is prone to more the the odd lapse in concentration and has a poor injury record. Add to that a QPR side willing to part with £9,000,00 for a 29 year and you have got yourself a big fat DEAL!

The other argument yesterday was why sell Dawson, before Gallas?…I’d imagine the fee was a huge factor and the fact we would get hardly anything for the Frenchman – but more importantly Gallas would be happy for a bit-part role this year. Dawson needs to play – he wouldn’t at Spurs

Tom Huddlestone’s

departure to Stoke on a season long loan looks like being confirmed today and in my opinion a great move for both player and club.

Again you can’t stop the “ Hudd’s our best passer” or “What’s AVB doing?” comments. In reality the guy hasn’t kicked a ball in the best part of a season and needs to play regularly.

If I was a betting man I would guess that the big man with Hoddle like passing will never play for Spurs again.

Similar to Dawson, for all of his assets – Huddlestone doesn’t fit the AVB plan. Too slow, unable to play the high pressure game and far too one dimensional.

I’ve been aware for some time that the Modric deal has been done – in all but a signature and a fancy parade around the Bernabeu.

Of course the delay in his departure has a knock effect to other deals, but until Spurs have an adequate replacement – why would thy let their prized asset go?

From reports, and other bits of hear-say you would believe the Mourtinho is the man that is wanted to fill that void.

Mourtinho is a great footballer. He’s comfortable on the ball, dictates play and the added bonus’s are his set piece delivery and ability to score –
Something our current midfield maestro constantly let’s us down with.
The reported deal of £25,000,000 is pricey, certainly for Spurs. Too expensive – maybe! but I fully expect to see the Portuguese in our midfield in the next few weeks.

I could type all day, about all the rumours surrounding our great club – but it would take a while…

For me the fact that a lot of supporters are missing, is that AVB will sign players that fit his system. It’s what he believes in and the whole reason he has been given the reigns at White Hart Lane.

There is no room for hangers on, no room for sentiment. We need to trust our manager and believe he knows best.

Just so everybody knows the transfer window closes on Friday 31st August at 11pm and not be before.  Trust our Chairman and believe in AVB – they know what’s happening and will get it right.

One thing is for sure and mark my my words – it’s all change at Tottenham Hotspur.

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